Efficiency of transport tips

Efficiency of transport tips

Transport is a big part of our society. Without transport, we wouldn’t live our lives the way we do. Just imagine, transport is everywhere. The products you buy at the supermarket are brought there by transport. The dress you order online, is being shipped and transported to your home. This applies to almost everything. But, with this major transport going on, how friendly is this for the environment and how can we make transport as efficient as possible? We’d like to tell you more about this!

Performance monitoring

One question that a lot of transport companies asks themselves is: how can we make transport as efficient as possible? Well, the answer to this question is simple. With performance monitoring, the actions and effects of the transport are being measured. This means that with ships for example, the performance of the ship is being monitored, such as emission and the fuels. This way, ships can be adjusted in such way that they are as friendly for the environment as possible. Therefore, performance monitoring is a popular way to make transport more efficient nowadays.


One advantage of packaging, is that if you package goods the right way, you will save space in modes of transport. Think about trucks and airplanes for example. These modes of transport mostly transport a lot of goods and products. Therefore, the space is full very fast. With efficient packaging, you will save some space, and you can transport even more products and goods. One efficient way of packaging is using less big boxes and more vacuum packages. Or staple the boxes and transport more goods in one box. Airplanes have these special boxes in their aerospace, which fill the whole plane. As a result, there is less need to go back and forth, which also saves fuel. This is better for the environment. The same goes for transport by road or sea.

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