Everything you need to know about transport during Covid-19

Everything you need to know about transport during Covid-19

The beginning of 2020 started off quite strange. For a big part of the world the first two months were fine. In March everything started to change, worldwide. At the moment, we are still living in a pandemic and again there are a lot of countries that announced a second lockdown. A lot of people are not happy with these decisions but unfortunately it is necessary. If we look at work that is growing and were there is barely any capacity left, you can think about transport. We have seen a big increase in online shopping. With everybody sitting at home, most of the time, there have been more online orders. Let’s see what this does to the transport.

The changes of transport

There have been several changes during these months. If we look at transport, there are a lot of different kinds of transport. Everybody is affected by the new rules and the big increase in online orders that still have to be delivered as quickly as possible. What kinds of problems did we see these months?

  • Big delays: there are not enough employees that can deliver all the orders to the customers. Also, the first few weeks a lot of companies ordered a big amount of products to be sure not to run out of stock.
  • The pressure for employees has been big. They still have a lot of contact with other people when delivering a product and the employees had to make a lot of hours to keep up with the orders.

Is it save to order from another country due the virus?

At the beginning there were some speculations that the virus would be able to travel within packages. We now know that this is not the case. And what we have also learned are the different kind of loads transport uses when travelling. Think about a Unit Load Device. A very save way to transport product from one country to another.

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