Tips for working effectively at home

Tips for working effectively at home

Now that we all have to sit at home more thanks to COVID, it also means that we will have to work at home. Some people like this and others prefer the office. Many people lose their concentration at home, which leads to a loss of productivity. Does this also affect you? Therefore we would like to give you some tips in this article, so you can work more effectively at home!

Good workspace

First of all, it is important to provide a good workplace. Preferably a separate room with a desk. That way you can’t be disturbed by housemates, children or your partner. Unfortunately, not everyone has this luxury and they will have to work in the living room. Make sure you sit at the table and not on the couch or in bed. Your brain associates this with relaxation and this does not help your work posture.

Clean and organized desk

We also advise you to keep your desk or workplace as clean and tidy as possible. This way you can be less easily distracted and your productivity will also improve. Therefore, put all the things that you do not need while working in a different place. Think for example of documents and papers, you can tidy them up in a document stand. Also put cables, pens and other accessories aside.

Adopt an active working posture

At work you often sit in a good office chair and have a professional desk. At home you have to make do with the furniture you have and this can make your work posture less good and in the long run you can get complaints. Therefore, make sure you buy an office chair so that your back is straight. You can also set your monitor at a good height, so that your neck is straight and you do not have to bend your head.

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