Vickers Hardness Tester- Falcon 600

Vickers Hardness Tester- Falcon 600

The Vickers Hardness Tester is one of the broadest scales among all the hardness tests. It is crucial to metallographic examine, development of product warranty constituents, and product excellence control. The rudimentary principle is to measure a material’s capacity to resist plastic distortion from a typical source. There are two types of indenters used for this type of testing, a narrow rhombus-shaped indenter and a square-based pyramid-shaped diamond.

Vickers hardness tester

Falcon 600

The Falcon 600 is an automated hardness testing system that delivers a fully unified platform for a combination of Knoop, Brinell, and Vickers’ needs. Created with a principal edge of mechanical design, it is easy to use and boasts full-colour image technology. It is the hardness testing machine for the future as it uses a combination of any perceivable software application.


The dynamics of the Vickers hardness tester makes its positioning decently easy. With speed control similar to your own movement, this tester has an incredibly unique function, the Z-axis spindle. It is controlled by a faultless collision sensor that ensures no rear-ender impact between the turret and the work piece. Neither the work piece nor the tester is unprotected from damage. This model has super high accuracy and assures accurate positioning of indents. It is available in various sizes, large, extra-large, and standard. It also possesses an auto-focus, digital and optical zoom camera, removing limitations to one field of view without being time-consuming. To top that, it has four objectives combined with the 18-megapixel camera.

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